Marble Beach

Marble beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Trincomalee area. The water is crystal blue and there are hardly any waves making it an excellent bathing spot. Before the war the beach was mainly used by Air Force officers and even now it is under the control of Air Force. You need to get approval to get to the beach, which can be obtained by the nearby China Bay Air Force camp. You need to pay an entrance fee of 20 rupees per person to enter the beach area. There are some huts available in the beach which were booked when we went there, but it is likely that you have to have a contact in Air Force to book them. The name Marble beach comes from the Marble stones found in the area. There are lifeguards in the area so you can enjoy a bath without the fear of drowning, and you can go a fair distance towards the sea because of shallow waters. Another thing I noticed was the water did not have the salt taste. There is a restaurant near the beach maintained by the Air Force, Although the food was great the price tag was a bit on the high side. For various other attractions nearby you can check out attractions near Trincomalee.

Trincomalee has some of the most picturesque and scenic beaches found in Sri Lanka, relatively unspoilt and clean. The area is famous for bathing and swimming, owing to the relative shallowness of the sea, allowing one to walk out over a hundred meters into the sea without the water reaching the chest. Whale watching is a common pastime in the seas off Trincomalee, and successful sightings are on the rise with the increase of tourism in the area

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