Jagath Chamila

Jagath Chamila (Sinhalese: ජගත් චමිල) is an actor in Sri Lankan cinema, theatre and television serials. He made his debut as a film actor in 1992 through the Sinhalese film Guru Gedara where he portrayed a role of a child. In 2013 won the award for the Best Actor at New York International Film festival (N.Y.C.I.F.F.) for his unique portrayal as Sami in Samige Kathava, a film based on Elmo Jayawardena’s novel Sam’s Story (2001).


Chamila was born on 6 June 1972 in a family with three siblings. His father Tinil Fernando was a school principal and mother Veine Biatrice is a housewife. He has two brother Ajith Tinal, Prasad Saman and one sister Nirosha Shayamali. Chamila is married to Piumi Uthpala Dharmasri and they have one son, Pansilu Pawan and one daughter, Vinuri Kinara.


Jagath Chamil’s career life as an actor was started with stage dramas at school while he was a student at Prince of Wales’ College, Moratuwa. After first taking part in the school drama Samanala Kanda in 1986, he able to win the Best Actor awards in the Inter school Drama Competition from 1990 to 1992 consecutively. He made his first film appearance in 1992 through the Sinhalese film Gurugedara (Teacher’s home) directed by Vijaya Dharmasiri. He won the Best Actors award for his role in Sunil Chandrasiri’s play Don Juan at the State Drama Festival of 2005. In 2013 he was awarded the best actor’s award for his leading role in Sameege Kathawa (Sam’s Story) at the New York City International Film festival in New York.

Television serials

  • Samanalakanda
  • Mama Nemei Mama
  • Ruwan Maliga
  • Sada Pinibidaka
  • Sudui Usai
  • Jodu Gedara
  • Maama Haa Ma


Year Film Role Notes
1992 Gurugedara
1995 Maruthaya
2000 Me Mage Sandai Prospective soldier
2002 Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna Football player
2005 Asani Warsha Pradeep Godakumbura
2005 Sulanga Threewheel driver
2007 Uppalawanna Rathnapala
2008 Hathara Denama Surayo remake Dougie
2011 Gamani Sunimal
2012 Prathiroo Suresh
2013 Samige Kathawa Sam
  • Best Actor – New York City International Film festival (2013)
  • Creative Performance (Male) Gold award – SIGNIS Salutation Awards Ceremony
2015 Ho Gaana Pokuna Uma’s lover Only the voice
2017 Hima Tharaka
TBD Veerya Roger


Chamila has won many awards since school times. He won the best actor award in 2013 at New York City International Film Festival as well.

  • Best Actor Award in the inter-school drama competition – 1988, 1989, 1990
  • State Drama Award (Best Actor) for Don Juan – 2005
  • President award (Best supporting actor) for Roda Hathare Manamalaya – 2005
  • Raigam tele award (Best supporting actor) for Roda Hathare Manamalaya – 2005
  • SIGNIS Tele Cinema Award (Best supporting actor) for Roda Hathare Manamalaya – 2005
  • Sarasaviya Award (Special Jury Award) for Asani Warsha – 2005
  • Sumathi Awards (Best Actor) for Swayanjatha – 2011
  • New York City International Film Festival (Best actor in a Leading role) for Sam’s Story – 2013

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